Castel Brewery

Beer Can Design ◆ Logo Design
Printdesign ◆ Branding
A corporate design with a beer can design for the Castel Brewery


The requirements for this project were to build a modern and recognizable brand that also appeals to young people.


The picture element combines an ear of wheat (a component of beer) and a tower with pinnacles. The name Castel is a modification of Castello, Italian for castle. So that the picture element looks more like a tower, it is designed straight below. The text is placed in a circle around the image element. This creates a more compact and modern logo that fits the target audience of this brewery. An outer circle was added to complete this effect.

Beer Can

The front of the beer can contains all the essential information and the logo plus the repetitive key element of the company (the black pinnacles). This ensures that the can is recognized. In addition, all important information is placed so that it is easy to read and acknowledge.

Business Card

The key element is a striking design element of the business card. It creates a consistent design language through all designs. The name on the business card is placed so that it can be adapted to any name. As a result, the design can be used for all employees.


The stationery also works with the pinnacles and the logo to fit the company's overall look. A Stationery must be kept simple and clear to guarantee a good overview and legibility. For this reason, all design elements have less opacity and are placed discreetly in the background.


The poster works again with the same font and with the key element. The beer can is placed in the middle and large, as it is the element that is to be marketed. There are hops in the background to underline this effect. The headline is large and positioned with plenty of space to the sides so that it is easy to read and recognize from a distance.

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