Daniela Dusold

Webdesign (UI/UX) ◆ Website Creation
Icon Design
Website for the osteopath and Naturopath Daniela Dusold from Bavaria


The requirement was to design and create a new website that provides the user information on different subject areas and encourages them to contact Daniela Dusold.

Home Page

On the home page, the user is introduced to the website's subject and forwarded to the areas of activity. The logo in the header is designed in that way, so it is clearly visible and recognizable. The footer is large and clearly designed to enable direct navigation to all subpages.

Content Pages

For clarity of the texts on the content pages, the subheadings are green and bold. These also function as points of orientation.

Contact Page

I used icons to highlight the contact information according to its importance and make it easier to understand. There are also pictures of the practice under the contact information to make the doctor's office appear more personal and handsome.

About Me Page

The about me page starts with an introduction and a picture of Daniela Dusold to create a personal reference. The career is clearly shown in points.


Responsive design is used to ensure that the website looks and works the same on all devices, whether they are tablets or mobile phones.
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