E-Car Info

App Design (UI/UX) ◆ Logo Design
Illustration ◆ Icon Design
The app design and the text for the electric car information app
E-Car Info


The app aims to bundle all important information about electric cars and present it in a comprehensible, structured manner.

Menu Page

All categories of the app can be found on the menu page, where you can also navigate directly to them. The category buttons are user-friendly due to their size as well as quick and easy to understand, thanks to the icons and text.

Content Pages

The text on these content pages contains the information that the app aims to provide. The text element is highlighted for focus. For better orientation, at the top, the icon and the name of the selected category are shown.


All setting options and legal information of the app can be found on this page.

Dark Mode

A dark mode is supposed to protect the eyes when reading.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is used to ensure that the app looks and works the same on all devices, whether they are tablets or mobile phones.

Categories and Icons

Logo Design

The logo is plain and straightforward designed to be displayed well as an app icon.


The illustration shows an electric car that is used as a repeating key element in the app.

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