App Design & Text for E-Car Info

E-Car Info is an electric car information app

App Design (UI/UX), Logo Design, Illustration, Icon Design
The aim of the app is to bundle all important information about electric cars, to present them to the user in an understandable and structured way.

The menu page is designed in such a way that you can find all categories there and navigate directly to them. All buttons in the app are user-friendly due to their size and the icons that make the text easy to understand. The text element is highlighted on the content pages to draw focus to the important information. For better orientation, the icon and the name of the category are right at the top of the page. The app has a dark mode to protect your eyes while reading. The app is responsively designed to ensure the app looks and works the same on all devices.

Categories & Icons

The naming of the categories organizes the information and specially developed icons illustrate the categories and thus make it easier for the user to understand them.

Logo & Color

The logo has a clean and simple design, making it a good choice as an app icon. The bright yellow represents electricity and is therefore also suitable for electric cars. This hue was chosen so that it has enough contrast to white and black to be displayed well on both backgrounds.


This illustration was created to give the app another recognizable feature, which increases its uniqueness and association.

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